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Database of more than 21 million publications

FullDNA has created a series of complex interconnected algorithms, capable of translating the scientific data and results of these scientific publications into useful information, and for over a decade accumulated a unique database.Today our database has more than 25 million publications and registered data and is updated daily with new publications and new research.


Algorithmic platform for health data prediction based on genetic analysis. 


Our Technology experts built a unique AI system that knows to compare results of genetic tests, such as sequencing and genotyping and translate them to useful & focused data for doctors into a variety of 25 different panels

Ability to Predict Trends

The gained knowledge of population characteristics, such as diseases probabilities, physical features, nutrition predisposition, Interacted with AI technology can extract comprehensive details on trends, such as longevity status of populations, medications that better work to individuals or groups, nutrition consuming habits, best sports for each individual, psychological features, etc.

This technology can help countries plan the future of their investments in preventive medication for their population.

Blood Test
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